Read the latest Governor blog from our Chair of Governors – Frances James.

Governor Blog Spring 2017

The governors are responsible for seeing that the school is run effectively and within the framework set by legislation and LA policies. They do not take detailed decisions about the day-to day management of the school. Specific duties would include setting and monitoring the budget, and appointing staff.

The Headteacher is responsible for organising and managing the school and its staff, and for taking day-to day decisions, within the guidelines set by the governing body.

Name Position Committee
Frances James Chair of Governors / Foundation Governor  Teaching & Learning Admissions Strategic
Mrs Chris Baker Vice chair of Governors / Foundation Governor)  Teaching & Learning Strategic
Mrs Ruth Townsend Foundation Governor   Teaching & Learning
Vacancy Foundation Governor
Mr Robert Warren Foundation Governor   Teaching & Learning Strategic
Mr Roger Taylor Foundation Governor  Resources Admissions (Chair) Strategic
Mr Ian Smith Local Authority Governor Resources
Mr Paul Eastwood Parent Governor  Resources
Mr Richard Roberts Parent Governor  Resources
Ms Karin Baker Headteacher / Ex-Officio  Strategic, Resources, Teaching & Learning, Admissions
Miss Vanessa O’Shea-Chauvet & Mrs Esther Devonport Staff Governor – Teaching (shared role)   Teaching & Learning
Mrs Wendy Lynham  Associate EYFS
Mr Rob Moore Clerk to Governors

Parent governors are elected by a ballot of eligible parents; foundation governors are appointed by the Diocese; LA governors are appointed by the local education authority and the teaching governor is elected by teaching staff and the non-teaching governor is elected by the non-teaching staff. All are elected or appointed governors to serve for a period of four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually; currently the position of chair is filled by Frances James.

To contact the Governing Body, please enquire at the school office, or email

Mrs Frances James at