Who’s Who

Here are some of the people who work at Fritchley Primary School:

  Hardwick Class – Miss Joanne Whitehouse – Class Teacher; Key Stage 1 & EYFS Lead;  Assistant Head teacher

Haddon Class – Miss Vanessa O’Shea – Class Teacher

Mrs Elizabeth Siddall – Class Teacher

Mrs Jill Homes – Teaching Assistant

Wingfield Class – Mrs Esther Devonport – Class teacher

Mrs Laura Bettison – Class teacher

Chatsworth Class – Mrs Satwant Panesar – Class Teacher

Ms Karin Baker – Class Teacher – Headteacher – Special Educational Needs & Disability Coordinator

Mrs Helen Deaville – Higher Level Teaching Assistant – P.E. Coordinator

Mrs Tina Gadsby – Midday Supervisor

Ms Lisa Birks – Midday Supervisor & Out of School Club Leader

Mrs Lisa Shaw – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Bernie Heathcote – School Cook

Mrs Jo Melrose – School Cook

Mrs Rachel Kenning – Out of School Provision Leader

Mr Gary Gilmore – Caretaker