Sports Premium Funding

Find out more here about how our school is spending its sports grant.

Sports Premium Spending 2016/2017

The government is providing additional funding to schools of £150 million to help improve the quality and breadth of Physical Education (PE) and sports provision. This funding, provided jointly by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – will be allocated to all primary schools. For the year 2016/2017 Fritchley  received £8285 of School Sport Premium.  Schools can choose how they use the funding as long as it is to enhance the provision of PE and Sport.

Ways in which it can be used include:

  • hire specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers during PE lessons to deliver high quality PE and to develop the skills and knowledge of teachers
  •  support and involve the least active children by running after-school sports clubs
  •  provide opportunities to try a wider range of sports
  •  provide resources and training courses in PE and sport for teachers
  •  run sports competitions and increase pupils’ participation in inter-school sport
  •  run sports activities with other schools

At Fritchley Primary School we use the money to encourage children to enjoy taking part in physical activity, to provide engaging high quality PE lessons, to offer varied extra-curricular opportunities that respond to our children’s interests, to improve the health and well-being of our children so that learning is positively influenced and to provide opportunities for children to take part in competitive sports with other schools.

Fritchley Primary is amongst a large group of schools who subscribe to the Amber Valley School Sports Partnership. The partnership employs a manager and coaching staff to operate the programme. Each school uses its funding to buy specialist coaching in a cycle of sporting activities. The coaching provides continuing professional development for staff, and improved levels of participation and skill for the pupils. The programme also incorporates a wide variety of after school clubs and competitions which are available to all pupils.

As part of the School Games Mark Scheme, we have been awarded the Silver Sports Award in 2015/2016. We are now very busy striving to earn the Gold award.

We have a named dedicated Sport and PE co-ordinator, who is Mrs Helen Deaville.  She takes all of the classes for their dedicated P.E. sessions including swimming sessions for all the Junior children at Ripley Leisure centre.  She also runs initiatives such as ‘Wake & Shake’ twice a week and the Golden Mile – an initiative to get children running each day.  Mrs Deaville also runs training sessions in preparation for the AVSSP inter school competitions and accompanies teams of children from the school when they enter these.

Our overall plan here at Fritchley Primary & Nursery School is to…

 Ensure maximum participation and enjoyment

  •  Children’s views responded to through choice of activities
  •  Lunchtime provision
  •  Ideas for playtime games
  •  Wet playtime resources and games

 Develop Physical Activity

  •  Mini Leader management
  •  Bikeability
  •  Playground equipment and games

 Improve Physical Education

  •  Quality coaching modelled in PE lessons
  •  Continuing Professional Development for teachers

 Provide Extra – curricular opportunity

  •  Varied extra-curricular clubs throughout the year
  •  Access for all
  •  Signposting to local clubs

Encourage Competitive sports

  •  Amber Valley School Sports Partnership membership
  •  Participation in inter-school competition

 How we spent our Sports Premium funding over the last academic year (2016-2017): 


  To look to this coming year (2017-2018):

 As a school we want to give more children the opportunity to participate in a wider variety of interschool competitions. To prepare children for these, Premier Sports is continuing to support our children to develop their skills through curriculum and lunchtime time sessions and afterschool clubs. For this we will spend roughly £190 per week. We will also be renewing the Amber Valley membership in July 2017 at a cost of £800.

We will continue to look for opportunities for children to try different sports eg archery, table tennis.  We are also looking to improve our playground surface and equipment within the playground so as to encourage further physical activity during lunch and break times – building both team skills and individual aerobic and muscle strength in our children.