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FoF newsletter Spring 2018

Has anyone else received rather a lot of gift sets this Christmas? If you’re considering regifting them please bear the Friends of Fritchley in mind. We’re intending to use your unwanted gifts for fundraisers throughout the year so if you would be so kind please send any unwanted gifts in with your children. Thanks 🙂

Monday 14th November 2016
Karin Baker, Sarah Eastwood, Claire Allen, Lucy Clarke, Esther Devonport
Apologies for absence: Fe Hallas, Kelly Bowler
Current offices held: Karin Baker – chair/treasurer Esther Devonport – secretary
Members not holding office: Sarah Eastwood, Lucy Clarke, Claire Allen, Fe Hallas, Kelly Bowler
1. Agree the minutes of last year’s AGM. Agreed.
2. Matters arising from last year’s AGM. Banking – progress made.
3. Chair’s report. Well done everybody for some great events.
4. Treasurer’s report
  • £2500 approximately in the bank account with access to.
  • Lloyds lottery account has now been closed. Funds transferred to new Lloyds business account. Esther and Karin are signatories.
  • Still waiting for the conclusion of the Santander account.
  • Need a barometer outside the school.
  • Fund matching from Fe and HP.
  • Kelly to Mandie re bank account.
5. Need for an appointment of an independent examiner.
Ask Fe again or Heather’s husband.
6. Election of committee members to hold office until next AGM.
Karin – chairperson/treasurer Esther – secretary.
7. Special business
8. Any other business.
  • Sing up approximately – £145 to £265. To be paid for out of the enrichment fund.
  • What are we raising funds for? Computer room
  • Distinction between school events and PTA events.
  • Make school events for enrichment eg visitors/trips. Make PTA events for long term goals – computer room.
  • Newsletter to say what we’ve done
  • Esther shared the AGM report from Ashford CE Primary.
  • Lucy to do a round up newsletter of the year this time next year.
  • Charity commission submission. Esther to submit with data from Karin.
  • School disco date
  • Abbie to set up, check insurance. Pay a nominal fee. Needs to be there.
  • Thursday 8th/ 15th December. Photo booth, whacky balloons, Tattoos, Chocolate raffle, Glow sticks, Finger lights, Hot dogs. All entries £1 inc mulled wine for grown ups.
  • Raffle – selling tickets, craft fair, nativity.
  • Register with booker.
Suggested upcoming events
  • film night? Infant and junior
  • Unwanted gift donations
  • Karaoke party
  • Fashion show
  • Present drive for mother’s/ father’s day.
  • Spring Fair
  • 9. Notification of next meeting.
  • Close of business