Haddon (Y1-Y2)

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Haddon Long Term Plans – haddon-yr-1-cycle-b

Haddon Long Term Plans – haddon-yr1-2-cycle-a


This week, in science, Haddon class have been testing the sense of smell.


PDSA – Animal Welfare

Haddon had a great afternoon learning about animal welfare with Kaya – the veterinary nurse, from the PDSA.

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Our new teacher

Hello Haddon Class.

My name is Mrs Elizabeth Siddall and I am going to be your new class teacher on Thursdays and Fridays from September.

I have three children of my own, who all go to school now, and a little cat called Silky! I love walking and bike riding with my family, baking cakes, gardening and anything arty. I hope we will be able to do some of these in Haddon Class.

I am really happy to be working at Fritchley Primary School and am excited to meet you all and look forward to having lots of fun learning together.

Have a lovely summer holiday.

Mrs Siddall





After a seven weeks of professional gymnastics teaching, Haddon class have come a long way. With thanks to Mr Lamin, who has also been running Little Tumblers after school club.




Measuring in Haddon – making rain weather stations.

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Drama in Haddon – retelling sun myths for our seasonal change science theme.

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Food Tasting

On Friday morning, we had an interesting food tasting session in Haddon, completing the healthy eating week challenge of trying something new. Some interesting expressions were seen!

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 Foolin’ Around

Haddon Class had enormous fun this afternoon with Aquilla the Jester.

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Wheels, Wings and Other Things

We have been reading a non-fiction text today ‘Wheels, Wings & Other Things’. The children have had lots of fun investigating scooters. How do we make them move? Can we travel faster when we scoot down a slope? Can we travel on grass? We had lots of interesting discussions ready for writing our own facts about SCOOTERS. We will be learning more about being ‘Scooter Smart’ this week.

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Medieval Art and more…

Medieval Art, Justice and Meditation!
Haddon’s meditation window is now presenting medieval rose ‘stained glass’ windows, depicting this half term’s worship theme of justice.


Science with Haddon

In science, Haddon pupils each created their own kind of seed and wrote about how their seed was dispersed.

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Castle Design

How many ways can you design a castle? Haddon Class are making the most of the sunshine by creating their castles outside. It’s fab to be able to use the iPads outside ☀️

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 Science Display

Presenting Haddon’s beautiful bottle top art for our science display!

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Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Activity Day

derbshire wildlife trust

On 23rd June, Claire from the Wildlife Trust came into school to do lots of exciting activities in the grounds with each class.
These are extracts of what some children in Haddon class wrote about their session:
My group found an ant, spider, beetle, moth, centipede, caterpillar, fly, and aphid.  I used a net, William used a shovel, Jamie set up the carpet and Leo looked to see if the minibeast was on the sheet.
Tate –
I removed a rock from under a bush and found two colossal beetles.  We also found 4 aphids and a greenfly.
Zak –
We went on the field we played a game where a bat had a blindfold on and there were some moths.  Everyone stood in a circle while the bat tried to get the moths. Whenever the bat said bat, the moths had to say moth so that the bat could echolocate their way.
Sophie –
It was very fun.  We did a natural colour hunt.  I found petals, leaves, moss, grass and flowers.
Riley –
In the forester game there was a person that had to chop down all the trees and the birds had to fly to another tree.
Shay –
We started finding minibeasts and we brought them back in a tub or net.  Then you had to put the net under the tree then you have to shake the tree and all the minibeasts come off the tree and into the net.
We played a game called forester which was about chopping down trees can make an animal lose their homes.  The game was that someone came round pretending to chop down the trees and there were little birds which had to go and find a new tree.  In the end there were no trees left so the birds had no homes.

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Special Visitors

We were all very excited when Mrs Devonport brought Wren, her beautiful new baby daughter to meet us.  We found out that babies can’t focus very far and can only see in black and white, but she could definitely hear us speaking!

visitors 010 visitors 009 visitors 011  


Staying Safe in School

Haddon Class have been thinking about how to stay safe and the grown up that helps them stay safe in PSHE.  They came up with great reasons such as:

‘Mrs Holmes keeps us safe by watching us at break.’

‘Ms Baker keeps us safe by making us practise fire drills.’

‘Mr Francis looks after us by keeping the school clean and clearing the snow and ice.’

You can find their illustrations of the grown ups in school on the Who’s who page under About Our School.

‘Bee Garden’ Report

DerwentWISE Project

Haddon class had a fantastic time working with Louise, Jill and Caroline from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on the third wildlife habitat in our school grounds.  We were very busy planting shrubs, climbers and herbs around the school vegetable garden and making bee homes and butterfly feeders which will all encourage insect visitors.  We also helped to weave a willow shelter for a seating area with a willow cross and a pathway for our stone creatures.  We learned so many new skills during the day – using loppers and hammers, digging huge holes, willow weaving and stone painting. We can’t wait for the plants to grow up the fence and start to flower!

Here are some extracts from the children’s accounts of the day:
Today me, Sophie and Lucy went in the garden, we planted a clematis.  It was so much fun it was still so much work.  Then we weaved some willow.  We made some bees to hang up.  I loved it.

By Keiva.
Today we went out in the garden to work with the wildlife trust.  It was really fun.  When we first got there we planted a climbing rose and after that we planted some pansies.  Then we had a look down the hole where the cross was going to.  I could touch the bottom.  Ha ha.  Then we made a bee hotel and we chopped some willow wood.  I had a great time.

By Max
Today me, Tate and Dylan dug a hole and put a flower in to attract the bees and butterflies.  Then we did some weaving and we had to wear gloves.

By Lewis
First we went and dug three holes then we went and made a bee.  There was a hole at the back of the bee and there were canes inside it so the bees can get in.  Then we did weaving.  First we had to bang the long sticks.

By Shay
First I did some weaving through some logs with willow trees.  Then I made a bee with sellotape, googly eyes and paper.  After that I dug a hole in the ground and put a plant in.  Round the side I put soil.

By Tate
Today we went in the garden to work with the wildlife trust.  We all had fun planting flowers.  Then we put our hands down a massive hole which was made for a cross.  William looked like he had collapsed, Max nearly fell in.  We also made little buzzy bees for some sort of insect.  We put bamboo inside the bees with little holes in for insects.

By Lucy

Butterfly Garden

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World Book Day 2015

We celebrated World Book Day with a day of activities based on ‘Ten in a Bed’ by Allan Ahlberg. The story is about a young girl called Dinah Price who goes to bed each night to find different fairy tale characters in her bed!

We started by snuggling down under the duvet to listen to a chapter then completed a task based upon it. We had to draw Dinah Price’s bedroom using the description from the book, work out how much the horrid boy should weigh by adding up the weights of the food he ate, create a disguise for the Big Bad Wolf and finally work out how to get the Frog Prince out of Dinah Price’s bedroom window and down into the garden. We had a marvellous day!

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 Science Week 2015

The 13th to the 22nd of March has been British Science Week and we have been exploring light and colour through our topic of ‘Colour Chaos.’ The children were given a range of questions to investigate throughout the week from the peculiar ‘would you rather be a bright caterpillar or a dark caterpillar?’ to the very complicated ‘what will happen to a synthetic or naturally dyed coffee filter when I add acid and alkali?’ The children had a fantastic time investigating these questions and even didn’t notice how stinky the classroom got when we dyed the coffee filters using red cabbage then added the lemon juice acid and bicarbonate of soda alkali!

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Solar Eclipse

The final activity in our Science Week was to experience the solar eclipse! Unfortunately, the clouds made it rather tricky to see outside but, luckily, we had a great view inside by watching the live coverage on the internet. Taylor, Max and Jack then did an impressive demonstration of how the Moon orbits the Earth and how the Earth orbits the Sun. Mrs Devonport then showed how the moon blocked the sun shining on the earth using the projector, interactive whiteboard and a ball!

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Our New Topic

Haddon Class are loving their new topic on Space! They have been writing stories based on ‘Aliens in Underpants Save the World’, learning about the race to the moon, playing space games, painting, building rockets and much more!

resized_Tesco food tasting and Space 054resized_Tesco food tasting and Space 053resized_Tesco food tasting and Space 052resized_Tesco food tasting and Space 051

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Please remember, grown ups are welcome to pop in from 8:45 to see what we’ve been learning!

The Farm to Fork Project

Last week Tesco came to visit as part of the Farm to Fork project which Haddon and Hardwick took part in during the Autumn term. The children (and Miss Whitehouse!) tasted lots of yummy and unusual bread, fruit and vegetables. Tesco were very generous which meant that there was lots left over for our morning break the next day and even for our friends in Chatsworth! A big thank you to Jo and Alison at Tesco, Alfreton for running this activity for us.


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Tesco Visit

As part of their science work on learning how to live healthy lives, Haddon Class went to visit Tesco at Alfreton! The children got to see behind the scenes, learning about how to keep food cold in the chiller and freezer, baking bread, sustainable fishing and where in the world our fruit and vegetables come from.

The children especially enjoyed the last activity where they got to sample different foods they had learned about including a variety of cheese, fruit and vegetables. The kind workers at Tesco also provided the children with a goody bag containing a certificate, recipes, stickers, an orange and their very own bread roll!

Mrs Neves arranged this trip through the Food to Fork scheme which meant that the trip was free as Tesco paid for the transport. THANK YOU TESCO!

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