Hardwick (Nursery – Reception)

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Curriculum Info

New Canopy

What an exciting day…the canopy is being installed in our outdoor classroom! We have loved watching the hard work….and especially seeing the big holes appearing!!


We are very pleased with our smart new playground canopy in Hardwick. The children now have a lovely outdoor area to enjoy, whatever the weather.

Christmas is Coming!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Learn Learn Learn!

Lots of learning has been happening in Hardwick Class. Look at all the mark making… story writing, shopping lists, family portraits and much more.

Baking Betty

Baking Betty brought the children some very ripe bananas and so banana muffins were made. The children are becoming so confident when handling and using tools and techniques such as cracking the eggs, it really is great to see the progress they have made! Watch out we definitely have some Star Bakers. The children have taken their muffins home to share with their family… I hope you have all enjoyed them!

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All things Pumpkin and a bit of DIY!

A very productive start to the week. Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper is the text we are enjoying this week. A story about friendship, considering others and team work! Today we explored what was inside a pumpkin…we found lots of seeds and we enjoyed smelling inside the pumpkin too. We have been mixing red and yellow paint with our hands….it was very exciting to see our paper plates turning orange! A carry kit for cleaning and washing our pumpkins proved really good for our gross and fine motor skills. The boys are keen to use the woodwork tools….. look at the concentration on their faces! Everyone was very controlled and used the hammers safely…. great job!!

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Non-stop learning

So much learning happens each week… Sensory painting, mark making, malleable play using dough, constantly improving our outdoor area by making small world tyre settings for dinosaurs, animals and even a fairy garden. We all worked together to make a scarecrow. Our harvest song ‘Mr Scarecrow’ inspired us to make our own. The children gave him the name of Willy Wonker following our love of Roald Dahl and the classic movie!! The week ended with Baking Betty helping us to make cheese scones that we sold at the Macmillan coffee afternoon. Our random act of kindness this week was to our feathered friends….. We have made some apple bird feeders.

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Fluttering By

The butterflies have been enjoying spreading their wings in the sunshine with me this afternoon. They have been feeding on some grapefruit and sugar water!! We are all enjoying the sun!


Hardy Souls

The wet British weather doesn’t stop Hardwick Class! An afternoon in the garden tidying, weeding, checking our potatoes, sugar snaps and onions! We even put all our weeds and cutting in the compost bins. We felt very proud of our hard work!

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Have you ever handled a baby hedgehog? We hadn’t until yesterday! Kerry is a vetenery nurse and she has been hand feeding these two baby hedgehogs! We were very lucky that Kerry could bring them into school and talk to us about them!! Thank you Kerry, we loved the hedgehogs so much!!

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Caterpillars – The Sequel

The magic continues… all of our caterpillars are in their cocoons so they have now been transferred into our butterfly house! We are all very excited to welcome our butterflies! I wonder what happens inside the cocoon?. I wonder how long it will be before we see our beautiful butterflies?

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Creative Minds

This week we have had lots of creative boys! Boys making gardens, unique hand patterns and painting! Can you see how proud they are of their creations? Bravo!

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It is a very exciting day today… Our caterpillars are getting very fat and one has gone up to the lid… Will it be making a cocoon soon?? It won’t be long now….


Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb

What a busy few days! The rhubarb was soon used up by Baking Betty and the children in their crumbles!! Many children hadn’t tried rhubarb before so was a great new experience! Everyone had a crumble to take home and share with their family. Yummy… Will you have yours with custard to ice cream?

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Day 8 of ‪#‎30daysofwild‬

Hardwick Class love being outdoors. We adore gardening and looking for wildlife around school! Today we watered our potatoes and found worms, some big and very wriggly and some teeny tiny!!!

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Ice Cream!

It was very exciting when the ice cream van arrived in Hardwick Class. The children have been busy putting the prices on the ice cream menu. There was a long queue when the ice cream van opened its window, money was exchanging hands very quickly. We are all hoping the ice cream van is open tomorrow!

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Mud Friends

Friends are important, they help to fill our invisible buckets to improve our happiness. On Friday we made mud friends using clay and natural treasures to create eyes, hair, a nose and mouth. Working with our friends was so much fun!!

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Thank you for the kind donations of bird food… Hardwick Class have been looking through The Wonder Window observing our hungry feathered friends.

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Baking Betty

The Foundation Stage children have settled into school life really well and have been enjoying their newly furnished classroom.  Baking Betty is a new addition to the school, she has been helping the children to bake each week and talk about healthy eating.

Following the children’s interests of seeing blackberries growing, they decided they would pick them and use them to make an apple and blackberry crumble.  The children and their families donated the other ingredients needed to make the crumble; this was then taken home to share with their loved ones.

The children decided it was really important to write a shopping list so they could remember the foods they needed to make the crumble.

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Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust came into school to help us learn all about plants and animals in our environment.  We went on a minibeast hunt, learnt about trees that are growing on our school field and played  ‘Find the Tree’ game, you needed trust and a good sense of touch to find your tree!

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 International Mud Day

The children at Fritchley have enjoyed getting MUDDY celebrating International Mud Day.  They enjoyed creating mud monsters, making paintbrushes and painting with mud, making a water slide into a pool of mud and we even painted our bodies with mud.

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Welly Planting

The reception and Year 1 children have been planting some footwear to create a beautiful display in their outdoor classroom.

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Snow Castles

We have had so much learning outside in the snow building snow castles and moving the snow around using brushes! We even painted our snow castles and added a bit of sparkle.



Pudding Lane Role Play

We have been learning about London a very long time ago.  We know that the buildings were made from wood; we have made our own Pudding Lane Bakery.  It has been very hard work making the fire each day for our oven, baking cakes and icing biscuits!

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Hardwick Class also visited Tesco

They had a great time and got to taste lots of different foods!

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Maisy Makes Lemonade

The reception children have been very busy reading Maisy Makes Lemonade.  They used lemons to bake lemon drizzle cakes.  Everyone worked together to weigh the flour, butter, sugar, to crack the eggs, grate the zest and juice the lemons and then to mix them together.  The children shared their cakes with their families.  Our cakes were delicious!

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Hardwick Class has a Mud Kitchen!

Hardwick Class have been having lots of fun making lemonade for Maisy after reading ‘Maisy Makes Lemonade’.  The children are very busy making Christmas puddings and cakes.  They look yummy! A huge thank you to Kelly and William, Miss Whitehouse really couldn’t have done it without you!

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