School meals

School meals are £1.95 per day, or children may bring a healthy packed lunch to eat in school.

Here are our winning team of Fritchley caterers. They have not only been awarded the Gold standard for their dinner provision by Derbyshire County Council but have also been nominated for the Platinum award! We wish them good luck with their nomination and thank them all for the fantastic job they do for us here at Fritchley.
It is also worth mentioning, as we are very proud of them, that this catering team have also been awarded the prize for the highest uptake of school meals in the whole of Derbyshire – a great achievement and the result of lots of hard work to produce wonderful meals for the children of


There has been a change in how school meals are processed within schools. This change became effective from 1st April 2013. The changes will not affect the service provided to your child for school meals but it does impact on the process of paying for the meal.


Before 1st April the debts that were owed for any unpaid school meals were the responsibility of the County Council and they would follow a procedure to recover those debts. Now the debt is the responsibility of the school and so it is very important that all meals are paid for in advance to ensure debts do not accrue. Any debts that do accrue will be subject to the schools charging policy, details of which can be accessed via the website.

It is very important to understand that any debts that are not recovered will have to be paid for somehow and will inevitably take away funding from other areas of the school, i.e. books, activities etc. It is in the interest of all pupils to prevent this from happening.


Please send dinner monies in an envelope each Monday or each term with your child’s name and days a meal is required.