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Outside Learning

Wingfield Class took their learning outside today to use natures gifts to practise methods of multiplication . Luckily, there were tonnes of leaves on offer which, with the aid of a cocktail stick, were turned into brilliant arrays. 


Sportshall Athletics

Go Fritchley year 3/4’s …Sportshall Athletics Competition runners up! They were absolutely brilliant and should be super proud of themselves !

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Pa rumpa pum pum

This week in djembe drumming we had drumsticks to tap out rhythms and words. Our drumming is making good progress and our teacher Charlotte is really impressed with how fast we are able to pick up more complicated patterns and songs!

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Fun Day!

Monday was fun day in Wingfield Class! The children used instruments to inspire non fiction writing, learned the sneaky Leonard method of using tracing paper to reflect shapes or how to draw a circle with a given radius using a pair of compasses ending with a fascinating look at some ordinance survey maps of hills and mountains! Phew! What a great day!

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Hello Wingfield Class
My name is Mrs Laura Bettison and I am going to be your new class teacher on Thursdays and Fridays from September.
I am married and have two boys of my own. Alfie will be starting Belper School in September and Oscar will be in Year 4 just like you! In my free time I love doing yoga and meditation. I like listening to all kinds of music, reading and learning about new things. I hope we will be able to share some of these interests in class too.
I am really excited about working at Fritchley Primary School. I have heard so many good things about you and am already busy thinking of ways to make our learning fun!
I hope to see you all on the transition mornings and raring to go in September!
Mrs Bettison.




Green Fingers

Whilst the Year 4s were enjoying themselves at Alfreton Grange on Thursday, the Year 3s spent some time in the garden. We weeded, tidied and planted some seeds. Keep an eye out to see our spring onions, beetroot, squash, courgettes, peas and beans grow!

g1 g2 g3 g4 g5


The Americas

Wingfield class also had a great week learning all about North and South America and trying some South American food which they made from scratch!

am1 am2 am3 am4 am5 am6


Day 9 of ‪#‎30dayswild

Making bio jars.You dig something up, pop it in a jar and see what grows. If you’re wondering where all the holes in the field came from, it was Wingfield Class.

d93 d92 d91


Day 8 Of ‪#‎30daysofwild‬

The Wild Club are back in action!! A new project to tackle! Watch this space as we progress and work together to make a beautiful outdoor space.

clear6 clear5 clear2 clear3 clear4 clear1



Day 7 of ‪#‎30dayswild‬ Tree rubbing

rub2 rub1 rub3


Hug Hug Hug

Our ‪#‎30dayswild‬ topic got off to a great start! We hugged trees! What a fabulous way to start the day!

tree4 tree3 tree2 tree1


30 Days Wild

After half term Wingfield Class will be taking part in 30 Days Wild, a project run by Wildlife Trusts across the country. If you’re looking for something to entertain the children during half term, this would be a great option. Simply sign up and download the pack.…



And on that note…

Wingfield have had the most fabulous afternoon celebrating their musical achievements. Thank you so much to Ms Kirby and Mrs Hands our super music teachers from the wider opportunities music partnership who have proudly turned our super students into marvellous musicians.

music5 music3 music4 music2 music1



Today’s Visitor

More interesting facts learned from our visitor today 🙂 Kelly told us all about her job as a dog groomer, how she implants microchips, cuts claws and much, much more! Did you know that dog shampoo is gentler than that for humans? And cat shampoo even more so! Thanks for visiting Kelly!

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Dojo Treat

This afternoon Wingfield Class enjoyed their Dojo point treat! They earn points for working hard and handing in their completed homework on time. 25 personal points are rewarded with a dip in the box and 100 class points means they all get a treat. Today the choice for hitting 300 points was painting or outdoor play. The children voted to go outside so we slopped on some sun cream grabbed the cricket set and headed outdoors. The yummy ice lollies were a cheeky bonus 😋

dojo3 dojo2 dojo1


HP at Fritchley!

Today’s inspiring visitor to Wingfield was Fe who works for HP Enterprise. It was really interesting to hear about what she does and how many people she works with. There are around 70 thousand people working for HP worldwide! Very different from learning about The Climbing Unit and The Loaf!


 The Loaf

Today’s visitor to Wingfield Class was Cindi who came to share her love of baking and tell us all about her work at The Loaf in Crich. Our favourite part was learning about how she tries out new recipes especially as we got to taste test some pinwheel biscuits 😋 Thanks Cindi

loaf5 loaf3 loaf2 loaf1 loaf4

 Its a Wrap!

Wow! We’ve learned some serious wrapping skills this morning! Louise from Cardale Fish Bar told us all about our local chippy and impressed us with how quickly she could wrap. The children really enjoyed having a go too.

wrap1wrap5 wrap3 wrap2 wrap6 wrap4


The Climbing Unit

Wingfield had a fantastic time learning about Ben’s job as a climbing instructor. Lots of brilliant questions linked to our local area and inspirations and aspirations topic. Thanks Mr Devonport and the lovely folk at The Climbing Unit, Derby.

climb1 climb8 climb7 climb6 climb5 climb4 climb3 climb2


Fun in the Sun

Wingfield class had fun in the sun yesterday too. The sunshine gave us a great opportunity to go outside and sketch the view. This was linked to our work on land use in the local area. I was amazed by the features the children spotted! Does anyone know where the wind turbine in the distance is located?

fun5  fun3 fun2 fun4

Healthy snacks galore in Chatsworth and Wingfield class. Well done everyone!

snacks1 snacks2 snacks3 snacks4 snacks5